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Piston pump water-cooled oil cooler Caution

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Piston pump water-cooled oil cooler Caution

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The use of water-cooled oil cooler plunger Note:

1. Cooling water use clean tap water, to prevent the formation of a condenser cooling water is unclean or blocked cooling water shortage affecting the cooling effect.

2 large cooling water may do to maximize the oil decline, due to continued high oil temperature to prevent the occurrence of scaling phenomenon, affecting the cooling effect.

Finishing dredge cooler condenser 3. defend, help advance a cooling effect.

4. winter (early spring) downtime should be pulled out of the water cooler, put the net (blowing) the remaining cooling water cooler, intercooler end caps to prevent the cracking or cooling pipe.

Piston pump at the factory marked with red arrows steering motor, fan and direction of the arrow to query together. After other wiring is correct (other job is ready to arrange safe), when initiating the motor, fan queries turn right (clockwise direction) that is forward. Assuming that may turn down inquiries and practice the opposite direction, (so that the pressure oil pump moving back convertible motoring).

1. The operation principle ceramic plunger pump transfusion: hydraulically driven piston reciprocating plunger ceramic femoral artery job. Piston mud pump: a hydraulic piston driven piston reciprocating job share

2. The hydraulic drive mode input ceramic plunger pump: hydraulic drive features vertical reciprocating job: vertical against gravity (weight) the impact, not easy to eccentric wear. Piston mud pump: horizontal reciprocating hydraulic driving job because horizontal by gravity (weight) affect prone eccentric wear.

3. The method of pressure seal ceramic plunger pump transfusion: external pressure seal the filler and ceramic plunger, ceramic plunger with the master cylinder does not touch. Features: Touch sealing portion of the filler (apron) and ceramic plunger, external pressure filler replacement simple, the use of low cost; ceramic plunger wear. Piston mud pump: piston seals in inflation pressure line, seals touch directly with the master cylinder. Pulp output piston seal replacement difficult, and touch the cylinder, the cylinder wear inevitably, the use of high cost.

4. Touch the part with the slurry ceramic plunger pump transfusion: packing (apron), ceramic plunger, master cylinder, four-way valve and valve body. Features: ceramic plunger, master cylinder, and filler slurry touch. Piston mud pump: pulp output piston and piston rod, piston seals, master cylinder, four-way valve and valve body. Pulp output piston and piston rod, piston seals, slurry touch with the master cylinder piston rod sealing function better, to beat gravity (weight) eccentric wear.

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